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2017’s best European travel with a EU passport


Bordered with the Arctic Ocean to the North, Atlantic Ocean at the West and the Mediterranean Sea to the South; Europe promises the best in travel and leisure that you ever dreamed of. If you’re lucky enough to hold a valid EU passport, be sure to check out the following places for a memorable European travel.


The Peloponnese, Greece


Travellers flying to Greece probably visit the many islands or simply gasp at the iconic Acropolis. One of the country’s most exciting and diverse regions is the Peloponnese that’s often overlooked. It serves as an affordable territory of marvellous ancient sights namely Olympia, Mystras and Mycenae scattered brilliantly across the landscape rich in stone villages, azure seas and snowy mountains. More than ever before, the Peloponnese is a perfect destination to boast traditional Greek culture, inspirational landscapes and compelling history.


Aarhus, Denmark


Copenhagen isn’t the only Danish city to boast lively neighbourhoods, divine culinary and charming architecture! Aarhus takes the lead as well as accolades being titled as 2017’s European Capital of Culture and European Region of Gastronomy.


The Aarhus shorefront boasts fantabulous new public places such as Dokk1 (largest library of Scandinavia) and superb developments like the attractive Iceberg.


The newly refurbished museums namely Moesgaard as well as ARoS feature bold design, rainbow-coloured rooftop walkway and the prehistoric “bog body”.


Venice, Italy


The 124 islands of Venice are spread across Italy’s north-eastern coast like shards; from this advantage, early Venetians built a nautical empire to rival Rome. Their love for land and mother nature is undoubted as all of Venice is carved from pearl-white marble. This is the perfect time to probe deep into Venice’s history. The city, in 2016 honoured 500-year remarkable history of the Venetian Ghetto; heart of the island city!


The Dordogne, France


EU passport is also a chance to experience the French art of living (art de vivre) much like the Dordogne. The serene Garden of Eden is neatly stitched from old-fashioned towns, walnut coppices and dreamy wineries. The prehistoric trail of civilisation in Vézère Valley is actually where you can find eminent cave art.


Lviv, Ukraine


Ukraine has recently been on a roller-coaster ride with economy but west side remained intact. In fact, many new places even flourished under the new order and Lviv is one of those. It’s a welcoming central European metropolis with the best of Ukrainian experience.


In 2016, more or less 100 events were held in the festival capital of the region mostly devoted to jazz, coffee and country’s independence. More foreign travellers are likely to flock in 2017 as well due to favourable exchange rates and improved fiscal climate.


Warwickshire, England


Being seduced by rural hills, transcendent castles, leisurely rhythms and market towns of Warwickshire in England is common. It’s also a birthplace of William Shakespeare that makes it rich in literature. In 2016, the Warwickshire Castle has been restored and re-enacted the 22-tonne catapult; world’s largest siege machine.




Make the most of EU passport and explore the brighter side of Europe like never before!


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