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6 built-in support groups of Community Living

Resources within community living development are specific services associated to businesses, charitable organisations and public service institutions provided to local residents. Every service somehow touches the lives of all those residing within a community. Some impact a broad percentage of population such as services offered through religious institutions, public libraries and post office. A particular demographic market or population segment can be targeted as well.

In a typical context, community living resources are organisations serving a specific geographical niche or individuals through tools that nurtures a society in an optimistic way. The outcome is a community of people enjoying quality lifestyle with essential features available within an arm’s length. These resources can be funded by non-profit organisations, government and even individuals serving the community in many different ways.

1. Youth facilities
Youth programs and facilities are mostly catered by religious institutions, government agencies, NGOs and schools. These are especially tailored to serve young adults and children whereas some are sponsored to engage young generation, providing them different opportunities to learn under peers and experts supervision.

Youth programs are either based on a single or multiple activities depending on how a community wish to serve the young people. All of these promote development through many recreational, educational and social activities. Sessions may also address issues affecting young adults like educational counselling, teenage parenthood, substance abuse and more.

Other programs are utterly professional nurturing leadership, intervention and prevention skills amongst the young.

2. Head start programs for children
Head start programs for children are based on different educational, health and nutrition services tailored especially for low-income families. For children who perform well and distinct themselves from others, head start sessions also serve their parents whereas the program itself is funded by federal government.

Each local centre is managed by public school or a local non-profit organisation. The application procedure is managed specifically by each locale of head start program. Head start caters to both children and their parents who participate actively in physical, emotional, social and cognitive development sessions.

3. Mental wellbeing programs
Communal mental health services are to provide emotional and medical assistance to the individuals with certain psychological disorder. These services can be offered within a residential community living environment so as to relieve further stress of psychiatric hospital placement. 

Psychological health services may include full-time housing with personal to group therapy, expert supervision, and self-help groups. Some even operate as professional day care centres and clubhouses. 

Mental health services with a community may also cater auxiliary facilities such as basic medical care.

4. Financial assistance
Most communities, especially in developing countries and modern cities have more or less one organisation providing financial support to individuals and families eligible for assistance under defined criteria. For instance, food banks supply food to the homeless or those who couldn’t afford at all. Private charitable firms usually offer assistance (one-time) to low-income earners for utility bill payment.

5. Educational institutions
Most simply overlook when considering community living resources; schools, colleges, universities and many other educational institutions are funded by local societies through tax revenues. 

These are managed by individuals elected by the community which is a group of veterans to guarantee success all the way. 

Besides education, many organisations offer a platform for socialising amongst the members through extracurricular activities such as sports, theatre, concerts and entertainment programmes.

6. Religious & cultural organisations
The services offered by religious and social firms are quite diverse yet encompass overall wellbeing of a community. These organisations aren’t restricted to ethnic leagues, churches, veteran associations or synagogues but function as a whole ensuring function and health of a society. They cater members with more intellectual needs such as the need to feel, belong and emotional connection with fellow individuals.

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