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Open v/s Gated Communities

 “The trend of community living is rising around the world that come with two choices; open & gated communities”

Villagers of the medieval era lived in main castle complexes guarded by military and fellow residents thus safeguarding the community. The walls were built in a way that deter all uninvited with either a drawbridge or iron gate closed during night time for protection.

Community living units of the present age follow the same development idea with neighbourhood entrance manned either by security guards, barbed wire or a metallic fence. A monthly fee is charged against homeowners for maintenance and possible upgrades to the wall and gate security. 

While these features are associated with gated communities, security aspects of open communities are quite contradictory however without compromising wellbeing of the immediate homeowners and neighbours. Let’s have a look at basic features of both types;

Community styles/types
Just introducing gates or fences at the entrance don’t make it private or open but how things are managed overall are the decision making criterions. Condominiums, townhouses, master plan communities, mobile homes, apartments and single family subdivisions; all are different styles of community living units. Each has its specific set of rules and regulations for distinction.

Boundary creation
Gated housing units are different from open just in terms of outer walls, fences and other security features blocking outsiders from trespassing. These are further categorised into three classes namely; elite, security and lifestyle; each attracting a particular group of individuals and families to the neighbourhood. 

Lifestyle development however restricts number of leisure activities and amenities only to immediate area residents. Residents of elite-class society are less interested to interact with their neighbours as a gesture of goodwill whereas seek community presence that exemplifies their status. 

Security class represents a community that isolates access to homes that fall in this category. Improved or revamped areas within the city centres such as frequently used entryway separating former and new residents.

Reduced crime rate
The primary aim of installing gates is to boost security and reduce crime rates. Even immediate guests have to check with a security guard or in case of electronic gates, use swiping code or facial scanner to enter the premises. 

New buyers appealed by the community living style prefer all these features and some more like well-lit streets and walkways during night, emergency phone lines, improved home security systems spread across the neighbourhood.

However, there’ve been cases of some serious crimes such as false security alarm that allow unwanted personnel to enter the premises. Most of these incidents are due to ignorance but substandard security systems are other reasons therefore frequent upgrades are necessary.

Finance measures
Apparently, elaborated gates and fences adds dollar value to community living in terms of monthly, quarterly or yearly payments either to the neighbourhood association or hired security services. The costliest of them all offer 24/7 guards and security patrols moving through the community for utmost safety assurance. 

What homeowners pay for these services adds to the salaries, benefits, housing and insured patrol vehicles. Entryways with keypad codes are economical but there’s always a maintenance and repairs cost of the electronic gate system.

A sense of security
Crime researchers termed a few gated communities around the world as “perceived gate” due to unstaffed guardhouse and absence of real-time barrier thus allowing trespassers to move across. This can be associated to open communities which is the reason gated neighbourhoods contribute to the well-being of all proprietors. 

Private and gated communities offer a certain degree of isolation with the latter preferring instalment of a barbed wire, metal fence or cemented wall. Advance technology can be grasped by introducing cards or numeric code terminals to access the gates and must be upgraded frequently. Intercom service must be provided from the entryway thereby contacting residents before allowing anyone to barge in.

A word of favour for Banke’s downtown dubai apartments rental department for sharing such amazing facts on the ‘gated community’ topic. In the end, the above details would definitely give you a briefing over gated and open residential communities.

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