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Operation Taurus: Bring back the giant cow

Scientists and farmers are trying to bring back the "Auroch", a giant Cattle species that once roamed Europe for thousands of years. The Auroch were taller then 7 ft. and went extinct in the 1600's. Basically, there are cattle today that still carry the genetics of the Aurochs and they are "Back Breeding" cattle to bring back this ancient species. I say why stop there, let's bring back Neanderthals or, Dinosaurs...let's mess around with our genetics so there are no longer differences. We can create people without hair or, all brown eyes. Should they be messing around playing God? I believe if they can bring back life to this Earth then I'm all for it. I for one would like to live a little longer and without disease. What if there were no disease or, freckles even. By now, you've probably heard of CRISPR - In the past four years, scientists have figured out how to exploit a quirk in the immune systems of bacteria to edit genes in other organisms — plant genes, mouse genes, even human genes. CRISPR/Cas genome editing techniques have many potential applications, including medicine and crop seed enhancement. All of this may be useful to some extent but, none of it is any good if the air is full of pollutants and we can't breath. Perhaps we should focus on bringing life back to the seas and re-forestation.





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