The Dating tip for Men, Be Confident! Every woman feels that confidence in men is a real deal-breaker and that is what they observe when they go on a date.  However, when you go on a date, you fill your head with endless questions like what you have to do before date, during the date, and after a date. The best thing to do is stop over-thinking, and take one step at a time.  The best thumb of a rule is, talk about something that you know, it is also a shortcut to confidence.  Here you can find some of the best tips to help you and to ensure that your date is an ultimate success. 

Dating is not as easy as you think. You should decide where to meet, what to wear, and how to talk.  Also, you should know when you have to call your date after the date. 

Be Yourself:

Be yourself even online or offline.  Women love to be with a man who presents himself accurately.  Being true to you is the stepping stone for a successful relationship.  Also, you should start your relationship with trust, it is necessary to be in a relationship. Start being honest about the apparent things like appearance, height, interests, age, etc.  Talk openly about you, your views on love and life, your beliefs, etc. This can help your date understand your personality and to know who you truly are. It can help her make a right and honest choice if she thinks you are the right person for her. 

Be a Gentleman:

This is very important, treat your date the way you want a man to treat your sister or any other women in your family or friend.  Take care of your hygiene and appearance. Be courteous, well-mannered, and respectful in action, words and behavior.  Be a gentleman and a man of your word. 

Take your time to know her well, and know her likes and dislikes, also, share who you are (the true self) with her.  Don’t rush or try to seduce her to have sex with her, just take one step at a time, and give some time to your relationship to unfold. When you do all this, naturally she will be all yours forever. 

Have Uprightness:

Honesty is the best policy, be honest with your date. If you feel your date is not what you expected, then don’t tell her that you will call her, and don’t tell that you want to go for another date. This kind of unwanted commitments increases hopes and it gets awkward later. But, being honest doesn’t mean that you can say bluntly that you don’t want to continue, be kind and honest while dealing the critical situation. 

Say something politely like, “I really enjoyed your company, but I don’t feel the connection, the spark in us, maybe the spark is not in me” Thanks for your time, etc. 

Ask her out first:

Most women prefer men to make the first romantic move, even though they lead a professional liver every day.  If you are really interested in her, then ask her out immediately. 


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