The first date is always the best date as it lasts longer in your memory. The fun begins with your first date. Even if you are very confident meeting a stranger, but, the first meeting always gives you the chills and a nerve-wracking experience. Meeting someone for the first time is definitely not an easy task as you all know that the first impression should be the best impression.  Whether you planned for a coffee date or a meeting at the bar, to take your relationship to a further level, don’t be nervous and take one step at a time. 

Remove Pre-Date Nervousness

First date always brings nervousness, so it is better to make yourself free from nervous before you meet your date.  You just need to concentrate on other things instead of thinking about meeting someone for the first time.  To avoid the pre-date jitters, you just need to do some kind of stress-free exercises like take a walk, or read a nice book or just do something that you like the most.  Remember, you are not alone, according to the LoveGeist report, people from London get pre-date nervousness and most of them prefer to go to the gym before they meet their first date. In the North West, 95 percent of people apply fake tan or go for sunbed before they meet their first date. The bottom line is, just relax and eliminate pre-date nervousness before you meet your date.  

Get the Basics Right:

Try to setup your meeting spot at some familiar place or some public place which can make you feel secure and comfortable.  Also, just in case, tell a friend or inform about the meeting, to your family member and tell them who you are going to meet, just for a precautionary measure. 

You can choose Cafes, which are actually the great venues for the First Date, a cup of coffee allows you to have a longer meeting or a short encounter, and it all depends on how you carry yourself. 

Impress with your Dressing Style:

When you are planning to meet your hot date, then you don’t want to have any wardrobe malfunctions, or last minute selections.  Try to pick the best outfit when you are meeting your first date. Before you pick your outfit, you should think about where and what kind of date you are going on, also consider the other external factors like location, weather and time of the day. 

If you think, it doesn’t really matter for the first date, then save your look for another night. Most people spend a half night just by checking their looks and it is a new trend to a date. Trying to impress the date with your looks is not really a good signal that you are sending out.  If you are really looking for some serious fashion tips, then boys can check some of the latest fashion tips and the girls can get some outfit inspiration. 

Last but not least tip is, go on time and tries to keep the conversation light. The first date is always the best because it is all about enjoying each other’s company. So, don’t start provoking conversation, and avoid talking about past relationships and political debates. Dating should be fun, so try to have more fun on your first date. Good Luck!!


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