Many people want to know about dating and how to make it successful.  The major tip is, you should know do’s and don’t’s when you are meeting your date. If you follow some of these guidelines, then you can make your dating fun, safe and successful. Though the world is evolving, and you are witnessing so many changes happening in the world, but when it comes to relationships, nobody can tell you what works best, surprisingly the relationships remain the same no matter what. 

In today’s lifestyle everyone seems to be busy with their life, they rush to finish their chores for the day, but, dear friends, you can’t apply that to the relationship, you can rush a relationship, if you rush, then it will become  a big problem. 

Though you see in movies and TV shows that behaving irresponsible and rude behavior, and it appears like it a trend, but the fact is, it does not work for good relationships.  If you maintain good manners and good behavior, then you can easily influence your date in a very positive way,  so good behavior is the initial step for a successful dating.

 True to yourself - Your photo is everything:

This is a very important tip, your smiling face reveals everything about you, and it is the first thing that makes the people judge you.   Honey Langcaster James a Relationship Psychologist says that “You should always look directly into the camera a give a big smile” this reveals that you are friendly, open, confident and healthy. A recent study conducted on popular dating sites shows that 88% of profile pictures on dating sites are making direct contact with the camera. 

The director of consumer insights at Jim Talbott also says that you must keep your photo updated, remove your old profile picture frequently. This can help you to reach to more people as it makes you look like a new user and people who missed you before may also give a second look. The other important thing to remember is, don’t try to airbrush your picture or make changes to your photo so that you can look better in your profile picture, your date will be shocked to see you in real life if you add gimmicks to your profile picture. 

Avoid Giddiness and Anxiety: 

Dating should be energizing and exciting. You should enjoy the moment and have fun, but, if you get too anxious, giddy and excited, then you may ruin your date, and there is a possibility that you may come on too strong. It is important that not to cover the real you with your anxiety. Be open and make sure that you will keep your mind clear about the relationship, because you don’t know exactly where the relationship goes next.  Pay attention and try to know your date, and give some time to your relationship to develop slowly. 

 Don’t get too serious – Have fun

Make sure to keep your date easy and light, and try to maintain a good time.  If you focus on being pleasant, pleasurable, and having fun and not getting too heavy about the relationship, then you are sure to enjoy your date and you will be a pleasant company. 

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