Bath salts have been linked to an alarming surge in visits to emergency departments and poison control centers across the country. Common reactions reported for people who have needed medical attention after using bath salts include cardiac symptoms (such
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Getting traffic to your site and making money from it without a budget is extremely hard unless your willing to put some work into it which means working every night when you get home from work and working long weekends. There are numerous sites and softwa
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Here's a new twist on an old game that might catch on...Rock - Paper - Scissors - Nut Punch The rules are pretty much the same - Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock, Rock breaks Scissors and now, Nut Punch which beats everything.
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Does blogging boggle your mind? it shouldn't. Like to make money from blogging? this is the blog!!!
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THC affects neurons, "Nerve impulse-conducting cells" in the brain and has a definite impact on certain bodily functions. The brain communicates using neurotransmitters which lie between neurons using chemicals such as Serotonin, Epinephrine and Dopamine a
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